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Samsung Galaxy Note III rumoured to have plastic OLED display

Rumours have popped up about the display of the Samsung Galaxy Note III. The rumour, according to SamMobile, states that the next-gen phablet will have the world's first plastic OLED display. Rumours also state that the Note III will have a massive 5.99-inch display.

Because it is made of plastic, the display will be much thinner than other OLED displays. This will give Samsung much more room inside the phone to add extra things, like a bigger battery, for example. Having a screen made of plastic might also make it more durable than the current glass display. It will also make the phone lighter than its contemporaries.
A Galaxy Note 3 concept (Image credit: Twrix)
A plastic display may make the device much lighter than other phones using glass displays (Image credit: Twrix)

While the display may be made of plastic, the rest of the handset willhave a metal body, much like HTC's flagship, the One. According to an earlier report, Samsung was planning on using a metal body for the S4, but decided to stick to plastic so as to have a smoother production pipeline. However, the company hopes to ship fewer Galaxy Note 3s in comparison to its S4 sales estimates. And for this, the metal design could become viable.
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