A Primer On Uk Lingerie

Modern lingerie designers have a lot more freedom to use their imagination than they used to. In the UK lingerie market, this opens up an arena of opportunities for producers to make something wholly new and exciting. In lingerie, excitement is the name of the game. Camisoles with frilly panties, leather teddies with fishnet stockings, backless panties of Lycra...all stimulate the senses. Some prove stimulating in other ways. Some styles of lingerie don't have to excite. Corsets, bustiers and garters, for example. They control. They enhance. They sometimes shock. But as other lingerie, they all get attention.

In the UK, lingerie is often sold alongside swimwear and other mainstream items. Corsets, bras and bodices can also be found in the same area, along with men's lingerie. Styles in some smaller boutiques are made to measure. With all of the body sizes and types in the UK, this can mean getting a customized fit.

One of the most popular fabrics used to make lingerie is silk. It begins cool to the touch but warms the body, keeping the wearer nice and snug. Of course, for those who don't have the extra money and time that silk demands, satin is a related fabric. It is also smooth. And soft. But it is slightly less expensive then silk. But it is not as sturdy, due to the construction differences between the two fabrics. Other popular fabrics for UK lingerie are mesh and lace. Cotton is a newer option that promises comfort. Velvet and leather are popular fabrics for erotic lingerie. Lycra, a body-hugging material rather like spandex, is becoming a success for those wanting a sporty and slimming effect.

The kind of lingerie consumers look for depends on their purpose for the clothing. Those whose primary goal is to gather the attention of a lover will find success with leather teddies or a sheer camisole set. For a romantic lead, lace and satin negligees or a simple chemise might do the trick. For comfortable eveningwear, cotton gowns afford warmth and comfort. And then there are those styles of lingerie that can serve a multitude of purposes. Bras, bustiers and corsets can lend support and can also serve as a turn on. The baby doll, a style of lingerie that became popular in the 1950s, is a versatile piece that usually covers (but not always) the torso and ends at the hips. It normally comes with matching panties. Sheer material is often used to heighten a man's libido.

Traditionally, UK lingerie is produced for mass consumption. Therefore, the primary colors of lingerie are black, white, and red. Black denotes mystery and allure. At the other end of the spectrum, white represents purity and innocence. A lot of women like to play on that irony during sexual encounters. And red has always been a symbol of boldness and sexuality. Which color buyers choose to buy depends on these facts and some knowledge of skin tone and color compatibility. Fair-haired women look best in pastel shades. Brunettes look good in bold colors, like purple and red. Red-heads impress with earth tones and other Earth-inspired colors, like greens and blues.
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